Kylie Jenner’s Optical Illusion Image Looks Like She Has ‘Five Index Fingers’

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Kylie Jenner has shared a recent snap that might leave you doing a double take.

Jenner took to Instagram to share a photo of herself seated on a flight of stairs, dressed in black while gazing into the camera. While some of her fans noticed her chunky, shimmering ring on her left hand, other social media users noticed that her fingers appear strange upon initial glance.

“Does anybody else see six fingers at first glimpse?” one Instagram user commented. Other internet users noticed it too with one commenting, “Why does it look like she has 50 fingers?” When you look at the picture at first glance, Jenner’s hand looks off.

One Instagram user pointed out that the reason for the illusion could be that Jenner’s nails are much longer than the norm, thereby making it look like she has “five index fingers.” See the photo below.

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