Iowa Woman’s Frozen Stiff ‘Gravity-Defying’ Hair Could Be A Sculpture In Itself

Image via Shutterstock

A woman in Iowa has stunned the internet after her wet hair managed to remain upright due to the freezing temperature.

Taylor Scallon posted a video of herself laughing as she walked into a house with frozen stiff hair that appears to defy gravity. Her chilled wavy locks are reminiscent of a wired art sculpture.

The video, which was captioned, “Is Iowa really THAT cold?” has garnered 3.29 million views since its 31 January upload at time of writing.

The polar vortex in the US has brought incredibly low temperatures across the US, with that in Iowa plunging to as low as -48°C.

“Is Iowa really THAT cold?”

— Taylor Scallon (@taylor_scallon) January 31, 2019

[via Taylor Scallon, opening image via Shutterstock]

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