Ariana Grande Shuts Down Million-Dollar Offer To Remove ‘7 Rings’ Tattoo

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Ariana Grande’s latest Japanese Kanji tattoo has made headlines for not working out quite as well as she probably hoped.

The design on the palm of her hand features the Japanese characters that were meant to read, “7 Rings,” in celebration of her recent hit single of the same title. Fans, however, have pointed out that the characters incorrectly translate to “small BBQ grill” instead. A failed attempt to fix the design left her with an edited tattoo that translates to “Japanese BBQ finger.”

On 2 February, TMZ reported that Grande had been offered a million dollar deal by aesthetic company LaserAway to get her edited tattoo removed. The singer, though, clearly isn’t having it.

LaserAway had apparently sent a letter to Grande and her manager Scooter Braun to introduce the free ink removal treatment. Grande was also offered a paid position of at least US$1.5 million to be the company’s spokesperson.

She took to Twitter to reply to TMZ’s article saying, “I’ll give y’all a million to get off my nuts.”

Grande addressed her botched tattoo, saying, she “went back and got [the tattoo] fixed with the help of [her] tutor” for greater accuracy. Grande can’t read nor write Kanji and added that the tattoo was inked out of love and appreciation.

She also addressed accusations of appropriating the Japanese culture, writing, “[T]here is a difference between appropriation and appreciation. My Japanese fans were always excited when I wrote in Japanese or wore Japanese sayings on my clothing. However, all of the merch [sic] with Japanese on it were taken down from my site not that anyone cared to notice.”

i’ll give y’all a million to get off my nuts

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) February 2, 2019

@ArianaGrande: i’ll give y’all a million to get off my nuts


— felipe loves ari (@mostimagine) February 2, 2019

miss grande may have just ended tmz

— bryanna is on follow limit |04 (@bIwzed) February 2, 2019

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