Video of the 2018 Detroit Autorama Hot Rod Show

The 2018 Autorama is a car show held in Detroit and dedicated to hot rods. The next best thing to attending wouldn’t be to see a video of it; it would be to see a video of it shot by an industrial designer, because they’re going to focus on and geek out about the same things we’d look at. Here Eric Strebel takes a look at the paint finishes, the material one clever displayer used as underlayment, the vehicles’ colors/stances/gestures, explains how a turbocharged + supercharged engine works, et cetera.

Strebel urges you to watch until the end to see his favorite picks, and while I didn’t see everything at the show, based on what I saw in the vid I have to agree with his #1 (though that absolutely evil-looking Charger at the end gives it a good run for its money):

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