Apple’s Stores Are Now Being Likened To ‘Hell On Earth’ By Customers

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The late Steve Jobs had a clear vision for Apple Stores. He wanted to create a distinguished experience that would set them apart from regular retailers. The locations’ interiors were kept neat and minimalistic, and even laptops had to be aligned a certain way.

It was a recipe for success. Today, Apple has 501 stores in 24 countries, and they’re often packed—perhaps a tad too much.

Business Insider reports that shoppers have expressed their displeasure about their experiences in the tech counterpart to Disneyland.

“You don’t know what depression is until you have to book an appointment at the Apple store,” writes Twitter user ‘MixTapeTMZ’. The outlets have been likened to “hell on earth,” a “purgatory,” and even compared to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is notorious for its long queues.

Business Insider also recounts a time when a fellow colleague visited a New York City branch, only to find herself in a “chaotic, hellish mess.” The store was filled to the brim, and it was difficult to tell which employee could attend to her.

Even employees are struggling with the stores’ business model. “We haven’t been able to keep up with traffic since I started eight years ago,” a senior staff member told the publication. “I wouldn’t even walk in the store because of how crowded it gets.”

Though, one would think that this can only be a good problem for Apple? Is it high time for company to rethink its retail game? Check out some tweets and see if you can relate to them below.

You don’t know what depression is until you have to book an appointment at the Apple store.. pay 300 smackaroos just to fix the fucking screen on the iPhone X

— Chichi (@MixTapeTMZ) March 9, 2018

The Apple store is hell on earth.

— DJ Qualls (@TheOnlyDJQualls) March 11, 2018

Why is going to the Apple Store like going to the DMV. Terrible lines and horrible service just like the government. @Apple @applestores

— Etienne Lemye (@just_e_stuff) March 13, 2018

It doesn’t matter what time you come to the apple store, they’re always crowded.

— Sheena (@Loveee_Lynn) March 15, 2018

The Apple Store and everyone inside of it is a character in my Hell

— Kalie (@_kaliebrooke) March 14, 2018

The Apple store is the #1 place that gives me the most amount of anxiety, it’s a damn free for all to get someone’s attention

— noah (@nxahtingle) March 14, 2018

Omg phone update: I went to the Apple store giving myself plenty of time before work… to only find out there is a 4 HOUR wait time hahaha I just can’t win

— Sarah (@__Sarah23) March 11, 2018

Just spent 2 hours at the Apple store for them to tell me that my battery wasn’t even the issue. They’re like you can wait for a tech appt, but that’s gonna be a 2.5 hour wait!

— mallory 🌻 (@suppmallory) March 13, 2018

Personally every time I go to the Apple store I feel like I have to hunt someone down and force them to interact with me. It’s almost just as bad as Guitar Center.

— John Guel (@johnpguelaudio) March 14, 2018

Two of the worst waits in life: 1) The DMV 2) The Apple Store

4hrs later and still haven’t seen the rep 😫

— Marcus Battle (@themarcusbattle) March 10, 2018

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