Watch: Pentagram Talks About Evolution Of Design And What Design Means Today

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With consumers becoming more design-savvy, where does the practice stand in the present day’s hectic, ever changing landscape?

Michael Bierut and Natasha Jen—both of who are graphic designers and partners at 45-year-old, renowned independent design agency Pentagram—speak to Brooke Francesi and Paul Trani of Adobe Creative Cloud about the evolution of design and how to transform a client’s vision into reality.

As people become better informed, branding “as a practice itself has become more complex,” says Jen inside the video interview below.

Bierut touches on how design isn’t some one-off task that you complete just to “tick the box” before moving on, but rather a continuous practice and way of life that more brands need to embrace.

When design does its job the best, it creates an environment that encourages people to do their best, explains Bierut.

Find out more inside the short video interview below.

Bierut is also featured inside TED’s recently-released design-focused Small Thing Big Idea: Designs That Changed the World series.

[via Adobe Creative Cloud, images via video screenshot]

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