Starbucks Opens Coffee Bar That Serves Upmarket Boozy Drinks In Osaka, Japan

Image via Starbucks Japan

Following the opening of its first coffee bar in Japan, Starbucks has announced its plans to launch another in Osaka.

Coffee isn’t just for mornings anymore. The new Starbucks Reserve bar aims to please evening crowds with a menu of beverages spiked with alcohol, which include a ‘Coffee Steep Beer’ and ‘Espresso Tonic’—both of which are priced at JP¥820 (US$7.70).

Image by Starbucks Japan via Fashion Press

Non-alcohol drinkers might be delighted to know that the bar also serves other upmarket coffees that don’t contain booze. Notably, the ‘Nitro Cold Brew Coffee’ promises extra depth and a more velvety texture, thanks to the nitrogen infused in it.

Image by Starbucks Japan via Fashion Press

Interestingly, the upcoming location will feature a counter, where patrons can huddle around to strike a conversation with the bartender—or in this case, the barista.

The new Starbucks Reserve bar, which will be located in LUCUA mall in Osaka, is slated to open on 1 April 2018.

Image by Starbucks Japan via Fashion Press

[via Fashion Press, images via various sources]

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