Instagram Confirms It Will Not Be Reviving Its Chronological Feed

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Rumors about Instagram possibly reviving its chronological feed recently surfaced online.

Photographer Jack Harding was one Instagram user who posted a video to his Instagram Story referencing his chronologically-ordered feed, which was speculated to be a part of a trial test by Instagram. News about the possible revival of this much-loved feature created a buzz as its absence is widely considered to be one of its users’ main gripes.

A spokesperson from Instagram has, however, confirmed with Fast Company that the app is neither bringing back nor trial testing the chronological feature.

Instagram’s current algorithm feed gives advertisers enhanced opportunities to provide users with more “relevant” ads based on the engagement that various posts receive. If the post has many ‘likes’ and comments, it garners more ad revenue and spurs further ad investments.

[via Fast Company, opening image via Ink Drop /]

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