IKEA Debuts Furniture Assembling Service That Might Save More Relationships

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Soon, the days of annoyance and couple squabbles ignited by the infamously frustrating task of assembling IKEA furniture will be a thing of the past.

The company has announced its new TaskRabbit At-Home Assembly service in select areas within the US where TaskRabbit is available, and six stores in New York as well as San Francisco. More stores are expected to incorporate the service later this year, including areas in Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Houston and Washington DC.

After purchasing items in-store or online, customers can simply pick a date and time for the ‘Tasker’ from TaskRabbit to assemble these items. The ‘Tasker’ will head down to your office or home to put together these furnitures and home-goods. Payment will be made only after the assembly task is complete.

According to the company, only next-day assemblies are possible, with the service starting at US$36. The fee is based on a flat rate per time of the particular item. Some IKEA products, such as those for kitchens and bathrooms, are not eligible for the service.

Chief operating officer of IKEA, Jackie DeChamps, said that the company is excited to be involved in this flexible service solution that is very convenient for its customers.

IKEA has set out various measures ever since its rival Amazon dived into the home décor and in-home assembly line. IKEA also introduced a flat fee of US$29 for delivery of its goods.

[via TechCrunch, opening image via Shutterstock]

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