Watch: Sony’s New US$2,000 ‘a7 III’ Camera VS Its US$3,200 ‘a7R III’ Brother

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Now that Sony’s released its US$2,000 full-frame, mirror-less ‘a7 III’ camera, some photographers have begun asking portrait photographer Manny Ortiz about how it fares against its “bigger brother”—the US$3,200 ‘a7R III’ camera—and whether a potential upgrade to this latest model is in the horizon.

Ortiz addresses these queries inside his video below, where he comments, “The experience of shooting in the real world, there was no difference than when I was shooting with my Sony a7R III, in autofocus, performance, in everything.”

Overall, Ortiz highlights that if you need the 42 megapixels resolution from the ‘a7R III’ and don’t mind forking out an additional US$1,200 for it, then this predecessor is likely for you.

Having said that, the ‘a7 III’ is an impressive gadget for its US$2,000 price tag. Its 24-megapixel files speed up workflow, while the camera’s low light performance seems to slightly surpass that of the ‘a7R III’. Although the ‘a7 III’ boasts 693 autofocus points with 93 percent viewfinder coverage, and the ‘a7R III’ features 399 autofocus points with 69 percent viewfinder coverage, Ortiz admits that he didn’t notice any significant disparity when the gadgets were tested in the real world.

As for the ‘a7R III’, it not only has a better electronic viewfinder that refreshes more efficiently, but also fuses pixel-shifted images for ultra-resolution photos. Furthermore, the ‘a7R III’ has a higher resolution and produces photos with greater sharpness compared to the ‘a7 III’.

Watch his review below.

[via PetaPixel, video via Manny Ortiz, image via video screenshot]

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