Watch: How To Remove Anything From An Image In Photoshop In 3 Different Ways

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If you’re struggling to erase certain objects from an image in Photoshop, this latest tutorial from the Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube will help you achieve your goals using not one, but three different techniques.

The first two methods, which use the ‘Content-Aware Fill’ and ‘Patch Tool’ respectively, are more applicable for removing small objects from a photo. The third and more advanced technique enables you to remove nearly anything from the image using Photoshop.

The time stamps for the respective topics inside the video are as follows:

00:32 — Removing a photobomber using ‘Content-Aware Fill’

02:28 — Removing people from a background with the ‘Patch Tool’

06:15 — Removing a car from a background (Advanced technique)

Photoshop Training Channel also previously showed you how to efficiently mask hair from busy backgrounds and reposition body parts as well as alter hair in Photoshop.

[via Photoshop Training Channel, image via video screenshot]

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