Finland’s Ad Welcomes Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un To Rendezvous In Its Country

Image via onlyinlapland

Last Friday, the world was met with surprising news that two unlikely companions, President Trump and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un, were preparing to meet each other.

Naturally, people were wondering where the two might hold their first appointment. Popular suggestions included South Korea, China, Japan, and New York.

Finnish Lapland, however, believes the debate should have long been over. Its tourism board says it’s got the perfect place for the two leaders to meet each other halfway, and it’s at “the world’s most stress-free environment.”

In a tweet written in English and Korean, the largest region in Finland “warmly” welcomes Trump and Kim to build their friendship in peaceful Lapland, where—with its tranquil nature—they would be more able to make sensible decisions.

It’s unlikely the duo will pop by the area, of course, but Lapland’s account of its serenity might tempt you into booking a well-needed trip.


— Only in Lapland (@OnlyInLapland) March 9, 2018

[via onlyinlapland]

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